22 May 2015 @ 04:04 pm
Cast List  
Welcome to the New and Improvedtm Cast List page for Milliways Bar!

Every character listed below is considered active and taken.
*RETIRED* characters are temporarily inactive and taken
-RESERVED- characters are neither active, nor taken but that an existing player has placed a hold upon them.
Please contact the Mods and/or player listed for more information regarding *RETIRED* and -RESERVED- status of any character.

Character's with an '**' are members of Bar Security.
(Ctrl+f ** to find them quickfast.)

If you're new to the game:
  • copy the contents of the text box below as-is.
  • Paste them into a new comment along with your character's information.
If you choose to play a character anonymously, be sure to indicate that in your application email as well as your Cast List submissions.

For Contact please use the best/fastest/most efficient form of player contact available. This includes, but is not limited to: AIM, Plurk, Email, or PM character journal.

If you're updating an existing entry:
  • copy the contents of the text box below as-is.
  • paste into a new comment along with the updated information.
  • add the subject heading UPDATE.

All comments are screened.

Carl Benton [personal profile] one_man_army Ali pwrofbauer [at] gmail
Jack Bauer [personal profile] trigger_man Karen S. knitwit1912 [at]
Kate Warner [personal profile] justdidntseeit Sardonicynic PM character journal
Renee Walker [personal profile] whathastobedone Gabby gabby3.14159265 [at] gmail
3:10 to Yuma
Ben Wade [personal profile] almosthonorable Sardonicynic PM character journal
Dan Evans [personal profile] lasthalfmile Ali pwrofbauer [at] gmail
William Evans [personal profile] not_his_pa Fi/Kate AIM: FionaLl8
A Certain Scientific Railgun
Misaka Mikoto [personal profile] biri_biri Gramarye gramarye1971 [at] gmail
A New York Winter's Tale
Pearly Soames [personal profile] golden_dog Write writetolive [at] gmail
A Struggle for Rome
Teja [personal profile] ostro_goth Maru AIM: sootymun
Adventures of Brisco County Jr
Brisco County, Jr. [personal profile] harvard_bounty Becky/HippieGeekGirl hippiegeekgirl427 [at] gmail
Dixie Cousins [personal profile] filemyclaim Missy PM character journal
Alex Rider
Alex Rider [personal profile] beenherebefore Joann AIM: scarvesngarters
Anansi Boys
Spider Nancy [personal profile] brotherspider DarkTrioJake AIM: DarkTrioJake
Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter
Micah Callahan [personal profile] chartreuse_eyed Sage PM character journal
Ashes To Ashes
Alex Drake [personal profile] lady_bols Flynn AIM: underwoodnofive
Atomic Robo
Dr. Dinosaur [personal profile] so_many_crystals Genarti genarti [at] gmail
Robo [personal profile] tesla_bot nocarename nocarename [at] gmail
Avatar (James Cameron)
Miles Quaritch [personal profile] notinkansas Gray AIM: grayanderson5
Asami Sato [personal profile] mix_it_up Veronica shoroko [at] sbcglobal [dot] net
Avatar Aang [personal profile] 12goingon113 Bing Gchat: agoodshinkickin
Avatar Korra [personal profile] gottadealwithit Debi AIM: lycanfae
Avatar Wan [personal profile] all_four_wan Eric AIM: Stuck Mynock
Commander Bumi [personal profile] abitofawildman Bing Gchat: agoodshinkickin
Jinora [personal profile] nosuchpromise Iap kgyorkos [at] gmail
Katara [personal profile] haventlosthope Veronica shoroko [at] sbcglobal [dot] net
Bas-Lag cycle
the Brucolac [personal profile] deadman_pirate Sasha AIM: sasha.robot
Battlestar Galactica
Felix Gaeta [personal profile] mr_gaeta Phoenix inkblotted [at] gmail
Laura Roslin [personal profile] presidentpythia Aspen PM character journal
Louis Hoshi [personal profile] faithful_lt Aspen PM character journal
The Devil [personal profile] 7twistedwishes dapheline da_catus [at] hotmail
Eriond [personal profile] completederrand Lee AIM: fractaldawn
Eleanor Lamb [personal profile] just_a_chemical Spartacus PM character journal
Booker DeWitt [personal profile] bet_on_the_river Spartacus PM character journal
Clayton Danvers [personal profile] psychowolf gwynnbochanan gwynnbochanan [at] gmail
Black Books
Bernard Ludwig Black [personal profile] upwiththisiwillnotput Spartacus PM character journal
Blade: Trinity
Abigail Whistler [personal profile] scrmifthishurts Mandi Plurk: ifiturnshootme
Rukia Kuchiki [personal profile] rotwood_reaper Austin Aim: TuxedoSlack
Bloom County
The Giant Purple Snorklewacker [personal profile] anxietycloset Valerie Kaplan shinyhappygoth [at] gmail
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Vlad Tepesh [profile] vojgode Flynn AIM: underwoodnofive
Andrew Wells [personal profile] stilljustandrew Batya batyatoon [at] gmail
Angel [personal profile] slayedthedragon the_croupier the.croupier [at] gmail
Jonathan Levinson [personal profile] jonathanparagon Kate avarielwings [at] gmail
Melaka Fray [personal profile] slayer_fray Debi AIM: lycanfae
Wesley Wyndham-Price [personal profile] dark_ex_watcher the_croupier the.croupier [at] gmail
Burn Notice
Michael Westen [personal profile] luvs_yogurt Amber Brokaw afullmargin [at] gmail
Sam Axe [personal profile] hoochedseal Becky/HippieGeekGirl hippiegeekgirl427 [at] gmail
The Master of Ceremonies [personal profile] i_am_your_host Spartacus PM character journal
Brother Cadfael [personal profile] a_rare_benedictine Kate avarielwings [at] gmail
Olivier de Bretagne [personal profile] equal_of_any_man Munnin munnin.odin [at] gmail
Rick Blaine [personal profile] lookin_at_you Bethan AIM: herworldsonfire
Giovanni Bruni [personal profile] aka_casanova Kate avarielwings [at] gmail
Jameson Rook [personal profile] mickandbono Alicia babyduckie484 [at] att [dot] net
Alexander "Fry" Sandhu [personal profile] fry_sandhu Charlotte AIM: guppymun
Coral Sandhu [personal profile] coral_sandhu Charlotte AIM: guppymun
Dr Guppy Sandhu [personal profile] guppy_sandhu Charlotte AIM: guppymun
Cheysuli Chronicles
Asar-Suti *RETIRED* Maru AIM: sootymun
Chronicles of Narnia
Lucy Pevensie [personal profile] called_lioness Mir AIM: the mirkat
Tumnus [personal profile] friend_of_lucy Fi/Kate AIM: FionaLl8
Codex Alera
Fade/ Araris Valerian [personal profile] thinksincurves Kippur AIM: kippurbirdy
Fidelias [personal profile] faithfulspear Makari makari.crow [at] gmail
Kitai [personal profile] aleranchala Al Plurk: crotalus
Tavi [personal profile] student_of_impossibility Lee fractaldawn [at] gmail
Crossroads (Nick O'Donohoe)
Gredya [personal profile] gredya Janewt PM character journal
Dai Mahou Touge
Punie Tanaka [personal profile] lyricaltokarev Spartacus PM character journal
Danny Phantom
Danielle Fenton/Dani Phantom [personal profile] ami_imperfect Iap kgyorkos [at] gmail
Tucker Foley [personal profile] fryertuck Valerie Kaplan shinyhappygoth [at] gmail
Dark Angel
Ben | X5-493 [personal profile] thebrokensoldier Mandi Plurk: ifiturnshootme
Dark Is Rising Sequence
Blodwen Rowlands / The White Rider *RETIRED* Aspen PM character journal
Merriman Lyon [personal profile] merrimanlyon Gramarye gramarye1971 [at] gmail
Dark Tower
Roland Deschain [personal profile] lastgunslinger Sweeney agonistes [at] gmail
Susan Delgado *RETIRED* Aspen PM character journal
Daughter of Smoke and Bone
Karou [personal profile] a_mad_hope Heather AIM: eccofiore
Alec Holland (aka Swamp Thing) [personal profile] alec_swamp Alex W simondelmonte [at] gmail
Alexander Knox [personal profile] gotham_knocking Alex W simondelmonte [at] gmail
Alfred Pennyworth [personal profile] battle_butler James PM character journal
Artemis Crock [personal profile] thenewblack nocarename nocarename [at] gmail
Barbara Gordon [personal profile] twiceahero Anastasia Mitrevski rushin.doll [at] gmail
Barry Allen [personal profile] run_barry Batty millibatty [at] gmail
Bruce Wayne [personal profile] master_bruce Write writetolive [at] gmail
Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe [personal profile] cavalryrepresent Joann AIM: scarvesngarters
Clark Kent [personal profile] inthesun Kati PM character journal
Cyborg [personal profile] says_the_booyah Alex W simondelmonte [at] gmail
Dick Grayson [personal profile] daringyoungman Debi AIM: lycanfae
Dinah Lance [personal profile] raptorcanaria Debi AIM: lycanfae
Hal Jordan [personal profile] overcame_fear the_croupier the.croupier [at] gmail
Jason Todd [personal profile] runningred Munnin munnin.odin [at] gmail
Jim Gordon [personal profile] gordon_gcpd Ali pwrofbauer [at] gmail
John Constantine [personal profile] magic_by_accident Jenna AIM: minorblue
Lois Lane [personal profile] skepticgirl1 Lee AIM: fractaldawn
Oliver Queen [personal profile] arrow_green Mandi Plurk: ifiturnshootme
Rose/Thorn [personal profile] manythorned Steph PM character journal
Selina Kyle [personal profile] isawit Don delmcatee [at]gmail
Stephanie Brown [personal profile] alwaysroomforhope Weaves weaverandom [at] gmail
Tess Mercer [personal profile] have_no_mercy Steph PM character Journal
Tim Drake [personal profile] alreadywon Joann AIM: scarvesngarters
Vic Sage aka Charlie aka The Question [personal profile] 52_dropoff Alex W simondelmonte [at] gmail
Wonder Woman [personal profile] themysciran_diana Lynne AIM: setsthingsright
Death and the Devil
Urquhart of Monadhliath *RETIRED* Maru AIM: sootymun
Death Note
Ryûk [personal profile] ringo_to_omoshiro Austin AIM: TuxedoSlack
Destroy All Humans!
Cryptosporidium [personal profile] whatsshakinpox DarkTrioJake AIM: DarkTrioJake
Tara Mehta/Devi [personal profile] the_devi Rachel herdivineshadow [at] gmail
Yamato Ishida [personal profile] angry_friendship_wolf Eric AIM: Stuck Mynock
Gabumon [personal profile] dry_clean_fur Eric AIM: Stuck Mynock
Taichi Yagami [personal profile] ofcourage Cati djcati [at] gmail
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
Dirk Gently [personal profile] whereineedtobe misslucyjane/Jenna minorblue [at] gmail
Auxin Fiddyment [personal profile] auxin Charlotte AIM: guppymun
Havelock Vetinari [personal profile] oneman_onevote Amy Rowanberries [at] gmail
Lady Margolotta von Überwald [personal profile] margolotta Maru AIM: sootymun
Moist von Lipwig [personal profile] morethanprops Fi/Kate AIM: FionaLl8
Merida of Dunbroch [personal profile] boghadair Missy PM Character Journal
Doctor Who
Ace McShane [personal profile] nitro_is_ace Bodldops AIM: bodldop
Nancy [personal profile] iamhismummy Kate avarielwings [at] gmail
Oswin Oswald [personal profile] souffle_girlek Bodldops AIM: bodldop
The TARDIS (Idris) [personal profile] stole_a_time_lord Georgia PM character journal
Downton Abbey
Lady Mary Crawley [personal profile] lady_mary Alexis alexiscartwheel [at] gmail
Dragon Age
Alistair Theirin [personal profile] bringspeopletogether Phoenix inkblotted [at] gmail.com
Cassandra Pentaghast [personal profile] seeking_truth Aspen PM character journal
Cullen Rutherford [personal profile] howtoactfereldan Sweeney agonistes [at] gmail
Evelyn Trevelyan [personal profile] inquisitions_anchor Lee AIM: Fractaldawn
Flemeth [personal profile] lifeisacatch Lynne varadia [at] gmail
Garrett Hawke [personal profile] fate_or_chance Eric AIM: stuck mynock
Varric Tethras [personal profile] igetthatalot Camwyn camwyn [at] megaloceros [dot] net
Ysalwen Surana [personal profile] freedom_is_grey Lynne AIM: setsthingsright
Zevran Arainai -RESERVED- Lynne AIM: setsthingsright
Dragonlance Chronicles
Tasselhoff Burrfoot [personal profile] happy_kender Annalalaith AIM: annalaliath
Dresden Files
Michael Carpenter [personal profile] onceholyknight Kate avarielwings [at] gmail
Edge of Tomorrow
Rita Vrataski [personal profile] angel_of_verdun Flynn plurk: underwoodno5
Elder Scrolls
Garyn Balvadares (The Nerevarine) [personal profile] moonandstar Ben AIM: bbqplatypus_318
Sheogorath [personal profile] sithis_shaped Ben AIM: bbqplatypus_318
Enchanted Forest Chronicles
Kazul [personal profile] dragon_dealt Genarti genarti [at] gmail
Ender's Game
Bean [personal profile] aintwortha James PM character journal
Bonzo Madrid [personal profile] mandercommander Gray AIM: grayanderson5
Fallen London Universe
Dr Thurlow (The Delicious Friend) [personal profile] doctorscaryteeth Cameo AIM: SillyCameo
Ellen Park (Lone Wanderer) [personal profile] aaaaaaaagh_sky Camwyn camwyn [at] megaloceros [dot] net
Fawkes [personal profile] calmhrtprevails Camwyn camwyn [at] megaloceros [dot] net
Sikozu Shanu [personal profile] gravity_shifter Steph PM character journal
Father Christmas (Film)
Father Christmas [personal profile] father_chris Charlotte AIM: guppymun
Final Fantasy
Noctis Lucis Caelum [personal profile] king_of_light Eric AIM: Stuck Mynock
Sherral Maduin [personal profile] fluffiest_archadian Eric AIM: Stuck Mynock
Fionavar Tapestry
Dave Martyniuk [personal profile] oftheaxe Becca ryfkah [at] gmail
Finn dan Shahar *RETIRED* TL AIM: TLvop
Kim Ford [personal profile] bannion_sight Aspen PM character journal
Meg Ford [personal profile] noteful Georgia PM character journal
Fireborn RPG (Film)
Kreyu [personal profile] brave_kreyu Amarin AIM: amrin20012002
Gabriel Tam [personal profile] gabriel_tam Aspen PM character journal
Kaylee Frye [personal profile] gonna_live Sweeney agonistes [at] gmail
Malcolm Reynolds [personal profile] badinlatin Muji milliways.mal [at] gmail
River Tam [personal profile] river_meimei Genarti genarti [at] gmail
Sallie Reynolds [personal profile] realmrsreynolds Muji milliways.mal [at] gmail
Simon Tam [personal profile] simon_doctor Batya batyatoon [at] gmail
Wash *RETIRED* Phoenix inkblotted [at] gmail
Firestarter (book)
Charlie McGee [personal profile] ladyfirestarter Batya batyatoon [at] gmail
Foyle's War
Samantha Stewart [personal profile] takingthechance Bodldops AIM: bodldop
GI Joe
Xamot and Tomax [personal profile] seelightbelight Tiger/Mythos AIM: a modern mythos
Game of Thrones
Brienne of Tarth ** [personal profile] maid_of_tarth Bobbie bobbiewickham [at] hotmail
Jillian Holtzmann [personal profile] cutting_edge_physics Spartacus Character Contact Post
Good Omens
War [personal profile] beautiful_bullets Bethan AIM: herworldsonfire
Bonnie Murdock [personal profile] is_the_motion Charlotte AIM: guppymun
Gundam Wing
Duo Maxwell [personal profile] maxwellsdemon02 Jo jothra [at] gmail
Quatre Winner [personal profile] 04_after TL AIM: TLvop
Trowa Barton [personal profile] 3nanashi Genarti genarti [at] gmail
Adrian Shephard [personal profile] hecu_marine Camwyn camwyn [at] megaloceros [at] net
Alyx Vance [personal profile] vance_prime LeeshaJoy leeshajoy [at] gmail
D0G [personal profile] g00d_d0ggie LeeshaJoy leeshajoy [at] gmail
Gordon Freeman *Retired* Camwyn camwyn [at] megaloceros [at] net
Noble Six [personal profile] noble_6 Kat of.our.time [at] gmail
Hannibal (tv)
Abigail Hobbs [personal profile] unshattered Veronica shoroko [at] sbcglobal [dot] net
Alana Bloom [personal profile] patterns_bloom Cass sagansjagger [at] gmail
Beverly Katz [personal profile] schrodingerskatz Adiva arial.sprite [at] gmail
Dr. Hannibal Lecter [personal profile] cook_the_rude Maru AIM: sootymun
Will Graham [personal profile] collects_strays Veronica shoroko [at] sbcglobal [dot] net
Harry Potter
Gilderoy Lockhart [personal profile] mostcharmingsmile Vivien vivien529 [at] gmail
Ginny Weasley [personal profile] missginnytonic Alicia babyduckie484 [at] att [dot] net
Lily Evans [personal profile] lilium_evansiae Georgia PM character journal
Professor Minerva McGonagall [personal profile] lionlike_tabby Bethan AIM: herworldsonfire
Rabastan Lestrange [personal profile] iambetadraconis Tiger/Mythos AIM: a modern mythos
Remus Lupin [personal profile] for_his_friends Georgia PM character journal
Tina Goldstein [personal profile] thecareergirl Alex M poetsdreamer [at] gmail
Tom Riddle [personal profile] riddleofthebelow Vivien vivien529 [at] gmail
Audrey Parker [personal profile] 27yrsandwelldoitallagain Amanda wanderlustlover [at] gmail
Hawaii Five-0
Steve McGarrett [personal profile] thebesteverseen Amanda wanderlustlover [at] gmail
Hell On Wheels
Lily Bell [personal profile] maidenofthewest Gabby gabby3.14159265 [at] gmail
Abe Sapien [personal profile] agent_fishstick Spartacus PM character journal
Hellboy [personal profile] bprd_agent_red Batty millibatty [at] gmail
Liz Sherman [personal profile] walking_napalm Lexie not.an.effing.barbie [at] gmail
Elle Bishop [personal profile] ellectrical Veronica shoroko [at] sbcglobal [dot] net
Gabriel Gray/Sylar *RETIRED* Phoenix inkblotted [at] gmail.com
Amanda [personal profile] immortalthief Gwynn Bochanan gwynnbochanan [at] gmail.com
Connor MacLeod [personal profile] macleod_connor Highlander II PM character journal
Katherine "Kissin' Kate" Barlow [personal profile] ikissdhimbck Spartacus ikissdhimbck [at] gmail.com
"Home By The Sea" - Genesis (1983)
The burglar [personal profile] withusyouwillstay Mythos frostfoxen[at]gmail
Homestar Runner
Strong Bad [personal profile] forgoodorforawesome Austin AIM: TuxedoSlack
The Cheat [personal profile] ilko_skevuld Austin AIM: TuxedoSlack
Aradia Megido [personal profile] death_fangirl Cameo AIM: SillyCameo
Dave Strider [personal profile] stridersgonnastride Jo AIM: JothraReturns
Kanaya Maryam [personal profile] bloodyvirgo Jackie jakgowan [at] gmail
Karkat Vantas [personal profile] crabbycustomer Trish camacammal [at] gmail
Nepeta Leijon [personal profile] nepetaleijon Batya batyatoon [at] gmail
Homeward Bounders
Jamie Hamilton [personal profile] walksthebounds Becca ryfkah [at] gmail
Homicide Life on the Street/Law & Order Verse
John Munch [personal profile] blowupthefloats Iap kgyorkos [at] gmail
Hot Fuzz
Danny Butterman [personal profile] badboybutterman Spartacus PM character journal
Hunger Games
Cato [personal profile] brutalcareer Sefina AIM: govthreepwood
Peeta Mellark [personal profile] real_or_notreal Amanda wanderlustlover [at] gmail
Rue [personal profile] onabirdswing Iap kgyorkos [at] gmail
Aeslin Mice [personal profile] hail_the_username Batya batyatoon [at] gmail
Inside Out
Sadness [personal profile] somanysads Deanna AIM: rainbowmarshmallowpants
Invincible (Mark Grayson) [personal profile] 1nv1nc1ble Aaron Johnson ebony1442 [at] gmail
Jak and Daxter
Sikozu Shanu [personal profile] darklighthero Dark plurk: redscribbles
James Cameron's "Avatar"
Grace Augustine [personal profile] donthidemycigs Gabby gabby3.14159265 [at] gmail
The James Plays
James Stewart
(King James II of Scotland)
[personal profile] fieryface Lark rather.a.lark [at] gmail
Mary of Guelders [personal profile] idareyou Janewt PM character journal
William Douglas [personal profile] likeroaringlions Janewt PM character journal
John Carter
Dejah Thoris [personal profile] dejah_thoris Flynn AIM: underwoodnofive
Tars Tarkas [personal profile] we_dont_fly Flynn AIM: underwoodnofive
Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell
Arabella Strange [personal profile] astrangebell Lark rather.a.lark [at] gmail
John Childermass [personal profile] manofbusiness Kate avarielwings [at] gmail
John Segundus [personal profile] not_the_second Lark rather.a.lark [at] gmail
Boyd Crowder [personal profile] fireinthehole Sweeney agonistes [at] gmail
Raylan Givens [personal profile] itwasjustified Crys (Sweeney for foreseeable future) PM character journal
Kamen Rider
Fujita Yugo [personal profile] orange_lily Eric AIM: Stuck Mynock
Killzone Series
Col Mael Radec [profile] helghastan dark johnslaura7 [at ]gmail
Kingdom Hearts
Eden Llyx/Leopardos Keybearer [personal profile] arkadia Eric AIM: stuck mynock
Jack Benjamin [personal profile] holy_or_broken Jenna minorblue [at] gmail
Leave It To Chance
Chance Falconer [personal profile] leave_it_to Don delmcatee [at] gmail
Les Misérables
Bahorel [personal profile] clayforthedevil Pilfering Apples carapacenator [at] gmail
Combeferre [personal profile] wings_of_a_swan Bobbie Wickham bobbiewickham [at] hotmail
Cosette Fauchelevent [personal profile] lark_in_flight Genarti genarti [at] gmail
Courfeyrac [personal profile] le_centre Write writetolive [at] gmail
Enjolras [personal profile] pro_patria_mortuus Genarti genarti [at] gmail
Éponine Thénardier [personal profile] rudderless Missy PM character journal
Fantine [personal profile] farouche_bravoure Bobbie bobbiewickham [at] gmail
Feuilly [personal profile] tu_vas_triompher Janewt PM character journal
Gavroche Thenardier [personal profile] street_sparrow Kate avarielwings [at] gmail
Grantaire [personal profile] the_obverse Becca ryfkah [at] gmail
Javert [personal profile] never_shall_yield Write writetolive [at] gmail
Jean ("Jehan") Prouvaire [personal profile] vive_lavenir Bobbie bobbiewickham [at] hotmail
Jean Valjean [personal profile] road_to_calvary Write writetolive [at] gmail
Joly [personal profile] merryeccentricities Pilfering Apples carapacenator [at] gmail
Lesgle (Bossuet) [personal profile] tire_moi_mes_bottes Janewt PM character journal
Marius Pontmercy [personal profile] heartbeneathastone Lark rather.a.lark [at] gmail
Life On Mars
Ray Carling [personal profile] flickedmethevs Gabby gabby3.14159265 [at] gmail
Gene Hunt ** [personal profile] the_gene_genie Write writetolive [at] gmail
Little House on the Prairie
Almanzo Wilder [personal profile] wild_colts Charlotte AIM: guppymun
Lord of the Rings
Elrond [personal profile] starrydome Bekka imagemist [at] gmail
Eowyn [personal profile] scildmaeg skidmo PM character journal
Glorfindel [personal profile] gondolin_noble Bodldops AIM: bodldop
Kili [personal profile] sharpeyedwarf Kippur AIM: kippurbirdy
Legolas [personal profile] findsthesun TL AIM: TLvop
Lucha Libre
El Santo ** [personal profile] el_enmascarado_de_plata Camwyn camwyn [at] megaloceros [dot] net
Hawkeye Pierce [personal profile] yankeedoodle_dr Lexie not.an.effing.barbie [at] gmail
Mad Max
Furiosa [personal profile] furiousroadwarrior Jenna minorblue [at] gmail
Nux [personal profile] died_historic Viv vivien529 [at] gmail
Mairelon the Magician
Kim Merrill [personal profile] cant_kim Adiva arial.sprite [at] gmail
Diaval [personal profile] intoaman Munnin munnin.odin [at] gmail
Wilford Warfstache [personal profile] cottoncandypink Zed PM Character Journal
Agent Phil Coulson [personal profile] hisonegoodeye Bethan AIM: herworldsonfire
Bruce Banner [personal profile] spit_it_out Write writetolive [at] gmail
Carol Danvers [personal profile] mighty_avenger Alexis alexiscartwheel [at] gmail
Charles Xavier [personal profile] balancingminds Fi/Kate AIM: FionaLl8
Claire Temple [personal profile] nocturnalmedicine Crys sardonicynic [at] gmail
Clint Barton [personal profile] hasthehighground TL AIM: TLvop
Danny Rand [personal profile] touched_by_fire Don delmcatee [at] gmail
Erik Selvig [personal profile] ask_the_right_questions James PM character journal
Franklin Richards [personal profile] tattling Cati djcati [at] gmail
Grant Ward [personal profile] in_revision Spartacus PM character journal
Groot [personal profile] heisgroot Jenna minorblue [at] gmail
Hank McCoy [personal profile] no_more_hiding Don delmcatee [at] gmail
James 'Bucky' Barnes [personal profile] nerves_of_ice Aspen AIM: Aspenx3
Jane Foster [personal profile] fosterscience Kati
Janet van Dyne [personal profile] biggerstingers nocarename nocarename [at] gmail
Jean Grey [personal profile] speaksonlytruth Amanda wanderlustlover [at] gmail
Jemma Simmons [personal profile] protect_and_survey Bodldops AIM: bodldop
Kitty Pryde [personal profile] prydeful Mir AIM: the mirkat
Leo Fitz [profile] attached_to_his_pink Sefina AIM: govthreepwood
Logan [personal profile] adamantiumloner Batty millibatty [at] gmail
Loki [personal profile] foolyoutwice Janewt PM Character journal
Maria Hill [personal profile] holds_her_own Gabby gabby3.14159265 [at] gmail
Matt Murdock [personal profile] man_without_fear Batty millibatty [at] gmail
Melinda May [personal profile] not_the_cavalry TL AIM: TLvop
Molly Hayes ** [personal profile] cute_bruiser Bethan AIM: herworldsonfire
Natasha Romanoff [personal profile] redintheledger Ash ashmusing [at] gmail
Nick Fury [personal profile] the_man Spartacus PM character journal
Noriko Ashida [personal profile] electro_kinetic Wingy PM character journal
Peggy Carter [personal profile] howdoyoufeel Sefina AIM: govthreepwood
Peter Maximoff / Quicksilver [personal profile] whiiiip_laaaash Camwyn camwyn [at] megaloceros [dot] net
Peter "Star-Lord" Quill [personal profile] awesomemixvolume1 Sefina AIM: govthreepwood
Rikki Barnes [personal profile] girlwithout Joann AIM: scarvesngarters
Remy Lebeau/Gambit [personal profile] callmegambit GW gorramwolf [at] gmail
Sam Wilson [personal profile] notapilot Don delmcatee [at] gmail
Skye [personal profile] morecurious Debi PM character journal
Steve Rogers [personal profile] thekidfrombrooklyn Jenna minorblue [at] gmail
Thor Odinson ** [personal profile] mjolnir_retriever Genarti genarti [at] gmail
Tracksuit Draculas [personal profile] brobrobrobrobro Alexis alexiscartwheel [at] gmail
Vision [personal profile] myownvision Jenna minorblue [at] gmail
Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool [personal profile] littleyellowboxes Jo jothra [at] gmail
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