10 June 2016 @ 02:18 pm

Welcome to the Newly Relocated Tag Request page for Milliways Bar!

Please do the following if you require a bartag:

  1. Tag into the below post using the journal that needs one.

  2. In the tag, please type ONLY how you want your tag to look
    ("Hi my name is Stephanie and I need a tag that says 'mal reynolds' plzthx" is unnecessary!)
    (In the case of edits list the original tag, and then the desired edit. ex. Michaelangelo = Mike.)

  3. We will reply to your tag here with an affirmative that your requested tag has been created.

    1. All comments are screened.

24 May 2015 @ 11:26 pm
Welcome to the Contact List for Milliways Bar. This is where you'll find all Contact Information for every player sorted by the person that plays them.
Player names accompanied by '**' marks indicate that player has a character who is a member of Bar Security.

New Players:
  1. copy the contents of the text box below as-is.
  2. paste into a new comment, adding your own information.

Existing players looking to edit their information:
  1. copy the contents of the text box below as-is.
  2. paste into a new comment, adding the updated information.
  3. add the subject line UPDATED.
  4. multiple edits should be alphabetized and be grouped into a single comment.

Changes to Character Roster will only be accepted when accompanied by either a New Application, or an email to the Milliways.Apps gmail account explaining the change
(ie: I'm Dropping/Deleting/Adopting [X] Character).

All comments are screened.

We require at least one form of contact from each player. This can take the form of an IM handle, an email address, a plurk name, or even the Private Message function attached to your character's journal. Your choice.

The exception to the above rule is if they character is being played anonymously.

Alec Holland
aka Swamp Thing
[personal profile] alec_swamp DC simondelmonte [at] gmail
Alex Knox [personal profile] gotham_knocking DC
Cyborg [personal profile] says_the_booyah DC
Captain James T. Kirk [personal profile] works_in_space Star Trek
Hercule Poirot [personal profile] littlegreycells Poirot simondelmonte [at] gmail
Joshamee Gibbs [personal profile] pirate_gibbs Pirates of the Caribbean
Vic Sage aka The Question [personal profile] 52_dropoff DC
Alex M
Tina Goldstein [personal profile] thecareergirl Harry Potter poetsdreamer [at] gmail
Plurk: waitingtobelit
Carol Danvers [personal profile] mighty_avenger Marvel alexiscartwheel [at] gmail
Lady Mary Crawley [personal profile] lady_mary Downton Abbey
May Daye [personal profile] shes_so_fetch October Daye
Stiles Stilinski [personal profile] whatisastiles Teen Wolf
Tracksuit Draculas [personal profile] brobrobrobrobro Marvel
Ginny Weasley [personal profile] missginnytonic Harry Potter AIM Squeaky4684
babyduckie4684 [at ] gmail
Annabelle Newfield [personal profile] aeons_crackshot Trinity (RPG) amrin_20012002 [at] yahoo
Ibani (The Sith Inquisitor) [personal profile] last_kallig Star Wars
Kreyu [personal profile] brave_kreyu Fireborn (RPG)
Anna L
Jamison "Junkrat" Fawkes [personal profile] riptire Overwatch jehansmuse [at] gmail
Daniel Jackson [personal profile] diehard_daniel Stargate PM character journals
Guide [personal profile] shakemyhand Stargate elffreaky [at] gmail
Tasselhoff Burrfoot [personal profile] happy_kender Dragonlance Chronicles
Tegid Tathal [personal profile] penderwydd Song of Albion series
Vala Maldoran [personal profile] goauld_theif Stargate
Wil Ohmsford [personal profile] dont_mention_the_tips Shannara Chronicles
General Hux [personal profile] primitusordo Star Wars PMs at character journal
The Count [personal profile] not_that_count Young Dracula AIM: Annalaliath
Cassandra Pentaghast [personal profile] seeking_truth Dragon Age AIM: aspenx3
aspen [at] silveraspen [dot] net
Barry Allen [personal profile] run_barry DC PM character journal
Bill Pardy [personal profile] wheelsy_sheriff Slither millibatty [at] gmail
Charlie Kenton [personal profile] out_on_the_mat Real Steel
Hellboy [personal profile] bprd_agent_red Hellboy
K-2SO [personal profile] rebel_droid Star Wars
Logan [personal profile] adamantiumloner Marvel
Matt Murdock [personal profile] man_without_fear Marvel
Puss in Boots [personal profile] cat_wth_panache Shrek
The Tick [personal profile] wild_blueyonder The Tick
Aeslin Mice [personal profile] hail_the_username Incryptid series AIM: Batyatoon
Andrew Wells [personal profile] stilljustandrew Buffy the Vampire Slayer batyatoon [at] gmail
Cavilo [personal profile] toxic_perfume Vorkosigan Saga
Charlie McGee [personal profile] ladyfirestarter Firestarter
Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan [personal profile] veryvorkosigan Vorkosigan Saga
Edgar [personal profile] hate_gettin_older Snowpiercer
Kali [personal profile] forewarned_is Supernatural
Nepeta Leijon [personal profile] nepetaleijon Homestuck
Simon Tam [personal profile] simon_doctor Firefly
Elrond [personal profile] starrydome Lord of The Rings imagemist [at] gmail
Eric Northman [personal profile] onceaviking True Blood PM character journal
Bethan **
Agent Phil Coulson [personal profile] hisonegoodeye Marvel Cinematic Universe AIM: herworldsonfire
BB-8 [personal profile] they_see_me Star Wars
Professor Minerva McGonagall [personal profile] lionlike_tabby Harry Potter
Molly Hayes [personal profile] cute_bruiser Marvel Comics
Poe Dameron [personal profile] hell_of_a_pilot Star Wars
Raoul of Goldenlake [personal profile] of_goldenlake Tamora Pierce's Tortall
Sam Linnfer [personal profile] necessary_child Waywalkers
Snow Leopard Woman [personal profile] mergich_singer Wakhi mythology
Victoria Winslow [personal profile] heard_of_her_now RED: Retired Extremely Dangerous
War [personal profile] beautiful_bullets Good Omens
Avatar Aang [personal profile] 12goingon113 Avatarverse Gchat: agoodshinkickin
Commander Bumi [personal profile] abitofawildman Avatarverse Plurk: agoodshinkickin
Michaelangelo [personal profile] mnt_mike TMNT agoodshinkickin [at] gmail
Raphael [personal profile] mnt_raph TMNT PM Character Journals
Splinter [personal profile] mnr_splinter TMNT Discord: Bing
The Oompa Loompas [profile] v_knid8er Willy Wonka and the
Chocolate Factory
Bobbie **
Brienne of Tarth [personal profile] maid_of_tarth A Song of Ice and Fire bobbiewickham [at] hotmail
Combeferre [personal profile] wings_of_a_swan Les Miserables
Fantine [personal profile] farouche_bravoure Les Misérables
Garnet [personal profile] a_conversation Steven Universe
Jean Prouvaire [personal profile] vive_lavenir Les Miserables
Glorfindel [personal profile] gondolin_noble Lord of the Rings AIM: bodldop
Jemma Simmons [personal profile] protect_and_survey Marvel
Katya [personal profile] katyafeline Night Watch
CMO Leonard 'Bones' McCoy [personal profile] notabricklayer Star Trek
Oswin Oswald [personal profile] souffle_girlek Doctor Who
Samantha Stewart [personal profile] takingthechance Foyle's War
Abe no Seimei [personal profile] yinyangwizard Japanese folklore AIM: BookBeast4
YT (Yours Truly) [personal profile] feminine_menace Snow Crash
Camwyn **
Adrian Shephard [personal profile] hecu_marine Half-Life camwyn [at] megaloceros [dot] net
El Santo [personal profile] el_enmascarado_de_plata Lucha Libre
Ellen Park [personal profile] aaaaaaaagh_sky Fallout
Fawkes [personal profile] calmhrtprevails Fallout
Gordon Freeman [personal profile] acts_of_gord Half-Life
Peter Maximoff / Quicksilver [personal profile] whiiiip_laaaash Marvel camwyn at megaloceros dot net
Stacker Pentecost [personal profile] neverbelievedintheend Pacific Rim
Varric Tethras [personal profile] igetthatalot Dragon Age
Alana Bloom [personal profile] patterns_bloom Hannibal (TV Series) sagansjagger [at] gmail.com
Autor [personal profile] herr_bookman Princess Tutu
Franklin Richards [personal profile] tattling Marvel Comics djcati [at] gmail.com
Taichi Yagami [personal profile] ofcourage Digimon
Anakin Solo [personal profile] notmygrandfather Star Wars
Sariel Rager [personal profile] visible_sariel Star Trek PM via mun journal
Chanter1944 [at] charter [dot] net
twitter: Chanter1944
Alexander "Fry" Sandhu [personal profile] fry_sandhu Casualty AIM: guppymun
Almanzo Wilder [personal profile] wild_colts Little House Series PM individual journals
Auxin Fiddyment [personal profile] auxin Discworld
Bonnie Murdock [personal profile] is_the_motion Grease
Coral Sandhu [personal profile] coral_sandhu Casualty
Father Christmas [personal profile] father_chris Father Christmas (animated film)
Dr Guppy Sandhu [personal profile] guppy_sandhu Casualty
Vyvyan Bastard [personal profile] vyvyan The Young Ones
Wellington Womble [personal profile] young_womble The Wombles
Ben Wade [personal profile] almosthonorable 3:10 to Yuma (2007) sardonicynic [at] gmail
Claire Temple [personal profile] nocturnalmedicine Marvel
Kate Warner [personal profile] justdidntseeit 24
Raylan Givens [personal profile] itwasjustified Justified Contact
Col Mael Radec [profile] helghastan Killzone Series Plurk: redscribbles
Jak/Mar [personal profile] darklighthero Jak and Daxter Series Skype: darknessred1
Marcus Wright [personal profile] anewhero Terminator: Salvation/Final Battle AIM: johnslaura7
johnslaura7 [at] gmail
Avatar Korra [personal profile] gottadealwithit Avatarverse AIM: lycanfae
Dick Grayson [personal profile] daringyoungman DC Plurk: lycanfae
Dinah Lance [personal profile] raptorcanaria DC innerbrat [at] gmail
Melaka Fray [personal profile] slayer_fray Buffy: The Vampire Slayer PM character journal
Skye [personal profile] morecurious Marvel
Will Turner [personal profile] turned_captain Pirates of the Caribbean
Artyom [personal profile] gasmasks_on Metro 2033 cacodemon42 [at] gmail
Sevatar [personal profile] the_prince_of_crows Warhammer 40,000
Zso Sahaal [personal profile] exiled_heir_of_the_eighth Warhammer 40,000 cacodemon42 [at] gmail
Ahsoka Tano [personal profile] jedi_interrupted Star Wars GChat: delmcatee
Ato Touji [personal profile] doesitbotheryou Tokyo Ravens delmcatee [at] gmail
Chance Falconer [personal profile] leave_it_to Leave It To Chance bjornwilde (discord)
Danny Rand [personal profile] touched_by_fire Netflix’s Iron Fist
Hank McCoy [personal profile] no_more_hiding Marvel PM character journal
Sabine Wren [personal profile] explosive_artist Star Wars
Sam Wilson [personal profile] notapilot Marvel
Selina Kyle [personal profile] isawit DC
Shinatose Izana [personal profile] garde723 Sidonia no Kishi
Dr. Alto Clef [personal profile] dataexpunged SCP Foundation PM character journal
Eric **
Atton Rand [personal profile] stuck_mynock Star Wars AIM: Stuck Mynock
Avatar Wan [personal profile] all_four_wan Avatarverse woolishly.grim.eric [at] gmail
Eden Llyx/Leopardos Keybearer [personal profile] arkadia Kingdom Hearts
Fujita Yugo [personal profile] orange_lily Kamen Rider
Gabumon [personal profile] dry_clean_fur Digimon
Garrett Hawke [personal profile] fate_or_chance Dragon Age
Noctis Lucis Caelum [personal profile] king_of_light Final Fantasy
Sherral Maduin [personal profile] fluffiest_archadian Final Fantasy
Yamato Ishida [personal profile] angry_friendship_wolf Digimon
Captain Cassian Andor [personal profile] childofrebellion Star Wars Discord FiKate
Charles Xavier [personal profile] balancingminds Marvel AIM: FionaLl8
Demeter [personal profile] wheatencrown Mythology bardlark [at] gmail
Ivan Vorpatril [personal profile] vorpatril Vorkosigan Series PM character journal
Moist von Lipwig [personal profile] morethanprops Discworld
Quentin [personal profile] heatherandsteel October Daye
Sameth [personal profile] makesthings Old Kingdom
Tumnus [personal profile] friend_of_lucy Narnia
William Evans [personal profile] not_his_pa 3:10 to Yuma
Will Scarlett [personal profile] will_scarlett Robin Hood Mythology
Alex Drake [personal profile] lady_bols Ashes To Ashes plurk: underwoodno5
Dejah Thoris [personal profile] dejah_thoris Canon AIM: underwoodnofive
Earl [personal profile] longtonguedog Saving Grace
John Silver [personal profile] an_honest_man Treasure Island (Sky 2012)
Rita Vrataski [personal profile] angel_of_verdun Edge of Tomorrow
Tars Tarkas [personal profile] we_dont_fly John Carter
Vert, The Absinthe Faerie [personal profile] la_fee_verte Myth
Vlad Tepesh [personal profile] vojvode Bram Stoker's Dracula
Genarti **
Cosette Fauchelevent Pontmercy [personal profile] lark_in_flight Les Miserables genarti [at] gmail
Dr. Dinosaur [personal profile] so_many_crystals Atomic Robo AIM: Zebosity
Enjolras [personal profile] pro_patria_mortuus Les Miserables
Kazul [personal profile] dragon_dealt The Enchanted Forest Chronicles
River Tam [personal profile] river_meimei Firefly
Thor Odinson [personal profile] mjolnir_retriever Marvel
Trowa Barton [personal profile] 3nanashi Gundam Wing
Merlin [personal profile] themerlin Mythology gorramwolf [at] gmail
Remy Lebeau/Gambit [personal profile] callmegambit Marvel
Amanda [personal profile] immortalthief Highlander gwynnbochanan [at] gmail
Clayton Danvers [personal profile] psychowolf Bitten
YT (Yours Truly) [personal profile] feminine_menace Snow Crash AIM: BookBeast4
Alanna of Trebond [personal profile] the_lioness Tamora Pierce AIM: eccofiore
Derek Hale [personal profile] alpha_loomer Teen Wolf
Elizabeth (Swann) Turner [personal profile] try_corsets Pirates of the Caribbean
Grace Hanadarko [personal profile] headed4hell Saving Grace
Karou [personal profile] a_mad_hope Daughter of Smoke and Bone
Raven Xingtao [personal profile] theblackarrow Princeless
Thayet [personal profile] peerless_thayet Tamora Pierce
Toby Daye [personal profile] balance_of_blood October Daye Series AIM: eccofiore
Sparks Nevada [personal profile] from_earth Thrilling Adventure Hour
Amethyst [personal profile] firstgrade Steven Universe PM character journal
Bossuet (Lesgle) [personal profile] tire_moi_mes_bottes Les Misérables
Djehuty [personal profile] venerable_ibis Mythology
Feuilly [personal profile] tu_vas_triompher Les Misérables
Gredya [personal profile] gredya Crossroads (Nick O'Donohoe)
Loki [personal profile] foolyoutwice Marvel
Mary of Guelders [personal profile] idareyou The James Plays
Miguel [personal profile] nolittlevoice The Road to El Dorado
Prince Hal [personal profile] never_promised Shakespeare
William Douglas [personal profile] likeroaringlions The James Plays
Cecil Gershwin Palmer [personal profile] goodnight_nightvale Welcome to Night Vale AIM: minorblue
Dirk Gently [personal profile] whereineedtobe Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency minorblue [at] gmail
Furiosa [personal profile] furiousroadwarrior Mad Max
Groot [personal profile] heisgroot Marvel
John Constantine [personal profile] magic_by_accident Constantine (TV series)
Sadie Parker Doyle [personal profile] tipsilyeverafter The Thrilling Adventure Hour
Sherlock Holmes [personal profile] mightbeagoodone Sherlock Holmes
Steve Rogers [personal profile] thekidfrombrooklyn MCU
Vision [personal profile] myownvision Marvel
Claudia Donovan [personal profile] claudiometer Warehouse 13 plurk: setecastronomy
David 'Woolly' Wolcott [personal profile] this_isaturn Warehouse 13 minkhollow [at] gmail
Yusuke Kitagawa [personal profile] dwellsinthedetails Persona 5
Ambriel [personal profile] ambriel Mythology jothra [at] gmail
Coyote [personal profile] howling_laugh Mythology AIM: JothraReturns
Dave Strider [personal profile] stridersgonnastride Homestuck
Donatello [personal profile] mnt_donnie TMNT
Duo Maxwell [personal profile] maxwellsdemon02 Gundam Wing
Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool [personal profile] littleyellowboxes Marvel
Alex Rider [personal profile] beenherebefore Alex Rider AIM: scarvesngarters
Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe [personal profile] cavalryrepresent DC Comics PM character journal
Rikki Barnes [personal profile] girlwithout Marvel
Tim Drake [personal profile] alreadywon DC
Athelstan [personal profile] athelstanthescribe Vikings avarielwings [at] gmail
Brother Cadfael [personal profile] a_rare_benedictine Cadfael PM character journal
Jonathan Levinson [personal profile] jonathanparagon Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Gavroche Thenardier [personal profile] street_sparrow Les Miserables
Ichabod Crane [personal profile] 1stwitness Sleepy Hollow
James Norrington [personal profile] scourgeofpiracy Pirates of the Caribbean
John Childermass [personal profile] manofbusiness Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell
Michael Carpenter [personal profile] onceholyknight The Dresden Files
Nancy [personal profile] iamhismummy Doctor Who
Noah [personal profile] skatefree_diehard The Raven Cycle kirakira.kirimi [at] gmail
Lark **
Arabella Strange [personal profile] astrangebell Jonathan Strange and
Mr Norrell
rather.a.lark [at] gmail
Hotspur (Harry Percy) [personal profile] harryhotspur Shakespeare
James Stewart
(King James II)
[personal profile] fieryface The James Plays rather.a.lark [at] gmail
John Segundus [personal profile] not_the_second Jonathan Strange and
Mr Norrell
Marius Pontmercy [personal profile] heartbeneathastone Les Miserables
Tulio [personal profile] neverenoughgold The Road to El Dorado
Viola/Cesario [personal profile] livinginmyglass Shakespeare
Anakin Skywalker [personal profile] forceimbalance Star Wars fractaldawn [at] gmail
Eriond [personal profile] completederrand Belgariad/Mallorean AIM: fractaldawn
Evelyn Trevelyan [personal profile] inquisitions_anchor Dragon Age: Inquisition
Lois Lane [personal profile] skepticgirl1 DC
R2-D2 [personal profile] littledroidthatcould Star Wars
Tavi [personal profile] student_of_impossibility Codex Alera
Lynne **
Flemeth [personal profile] lifeisacatch Dragon Age varadia [at] gmail
Grand Admiral Thrawn [personal profile] grandadmiralartcritic Star Wars
Nynaeve al'Meara [personal profile] not_only_wisdom Wheel of Time
Raven [personal profile] creator_raven Mythology
Sombra [personal profile] messwiththebest Overwatch
Wonder Woman [personal profile] themysciran_diana DC
X-23 [personal profile] cutting_edgex23 Marvel
Ysalwen Surana (Grey Warden) [personal profile] freedom_is_grey Dragon Age
Maru **
Alex Vause [personal profile] rhymes_with_boss Orange is the New Black AIM: sootymun
Dorian Gray [personal profile] capture_eternity Penny Dreadful yakalskovich [at] gmail
Katrina Crane [personal profile] never_lost_faith Sleepy Hollow
Galen Erso [personal profile] galen_erso Star Wars
Dr. Hannibal Lecter [personal profile] cook_the_rude Hannibal
The Jólasveinar [personal profile] jolasveinar Mythology
Lady Margolotta of Überwald [personal profile] margolotta Discworld
Father Pearse Harman [personal profile] witchfinder_general Ultraviolet
Ragnar Lothbrok [personal profile] bigarmy_strangepants Vikings
Teja [personal profile] ostro_goth A Struggle For Rome
Kotal Kahn [personal profile] solar_powered_kahn Mortal Kombat Plurk: Maskdt,
AIM: Maskdt
Ava Wilson [personal profile] hadyougoing Supernatural artistformerlyknownas [at] gmail
Eleven [personal profile] eleggo Stranger Things Trillian: Eleggo
Contact post
Ronan Lynch [personal profile] the_greywaren The Raven Cycle AIM: cbeautifuldeath
cbeautifuldeath [at] yahoo
Clementine Johnson [personal profile] hey35andholding Reno911! plurk: mintgiver
Dixie Cousins [personal profile] filemyclaim The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. thats.just.a.lollipop.tree [at] gmail
Eponine Thenardier [personal profile] rudderless Les Miserables
Juliet O'Hara [personal profile] craftylildoodlepumpkin Psych PM character journals
Merida of Dunbroch [personal profile] boghadair Disney's Brave
Pinkie Pie [personal profile] havetubawilltravel My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Bodhi Rook [personal profile] imthepilot Star Wars munnin.odin [at] gmail
Diaval [personal profile] intoaman Maleficent
Jason Todd [personal profile] runningred DC
Olivier de Bretagne [personal profile] equal_of_any_man Brother Cadfael Mysteries
Sinric the Wanderer [personal profile] thewidewideworld Vikings
Fujin [personal profile] kazefujin Mortal Kombat PM character Journal
The burglar [personal profile] withusyouwillstay "Home By The Sea by"
- Genesis (1983)
frostfoxen [at] gmail
Alistair Theirin [personal profile] bringspeopletogether Dragon Age inkblotted [at] gmail
Curtis Everett [personal profile] 2goodarms Snowpiercer
Felix Gaeta [personal profile] mr_gaeta Battlestar Galactica
Pilfering Apples
Bahorel [personal profile] clayforthedevil Les Miserables carapacenator [at] gmail
Steven Universe [personal profile] rosetintedbubbles Steven Universe pilferingapples.tumblr.com
Anne of Cleves [personal profile] 4th_survived The Tudors AIM minij19
Gyda Ragnarsdottir [personal profile] like_quicksilver Vikings AIM: minij19
Matilda Wormwood [personal profile] change_my_story Matilda Rschwartz84 [at] gmail
Sonya Blade [personal profile] soldier_blade Mortal Kombat Sonya Blade
Ashida Noriko [personal profile] electro_kinetic Marvel alchemistseraph [at] gmail
Ganymede [personal profile] the_cupbearer Mythology AIM: alchemistseraph
Plurk: repositorian
Micah Callahan [profile] chartreue_eyed Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter discord: sage#2486
Rae "Sunshine" Seddon [personal profile] sunbaked_baker Sunshine moggetthekitty [at] gmail
Yrael [personal profile] mogget_cat Old Kingdom AIM: SaphtheImmortal
Zelgadiss [personal profile] chime_ra_tilt Slayers
Molly Hooper [personal profile] idontcount Sherlock fubarkibble [at]gmail
Gromit the Dog [personal profile] gromitlad Wallace and Gromit PM character journal
Kylo Ren [personal profile] firstorderknight Star Wars Aim: NoMercyTM
Rose/Thorn [personal profile] manythorned PM journal
Sikozu Shanu [personal profile] gravity_shifter Farscape polar167 [at] hotmail
Tess Mercer [personal profile] have_no_mercy DC
Chuck Hansen [personal profile] andinfluencepeople Pacific Rim AIM: TLvop
Clint Barton [personal profile] hasthehighground Marvel
John Connor [personal profile] plays_chess Terminator
Legolas [personal profile] findsthesun The Lord of the Rings
Melinda May [personal profile] not_the_cavalry Marvel
Quatre Winner [personal profile] 04_after Gundam Wing
Sebastian/Roderigo [personal profile] inanhour Shakespeare
Amascut [personal profile] death_gone_mad RuneScape distantspacebox [at] yahoo
Evil Chicken [personal profile] fowl_beast RuneScape
Fairy Fixit [personal profile] fairy_fixit RuneScape
Felton Lagravenese [personal profile] your_local_yokel Thrilling Adventure Hour AIM: thursdays_son
Karkat Vantas [personal profile] crabbycustomer Homestuck camacammal [at] gmail
Abigail Hobbs [personal profile] unshattered Hannibal allhavenames [at] gmail
Asami Sato [personal profile] mix_it_up Avatarverse
Elle Bishop [personal profile] ellectrical Heroes
Katara [personal profile] haventlosthope Avatarverse
Will Graham [personal profile] collects_strays Hannibal
Ingress [personal profile] herald_to_be Neverwhere vivien529 [at] gmail
Gilderoy Lockhart [personal profile] mostcharmingsmile Harry Potter
Nux [personal profile] died_historic Mad Max
Tom Riddle [personal profile] riddleofthebelow Harry Potter
Stephanie Brown [personal profile] alwaysroomforhope DC weaverandom [at] gmail
Write **
Bruce Banner [personal profile] spit_it_out Marvel writetolive [at] gmail
Bruce Wayne [personal profile] master_bruce Batman (Nolanverse)
Courfeyrac [personal profile] le_centre Les Miserables
Gene Hunt [personal profile] the_gene_genie Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes
Jack Aubrey [personal profile] lucky_jack Master and Commander
Javert [personal profile] never_shall_yield Les MIserables
Jean Valjean [personal profile] road_to_calvary Les Miserables
Jim Moriarty [personal profile] just_cant_lose Sherlock (BBC)
Dodger [personal profile] i_ship_it Resident Enis PM character journal
Mark [personal profile] justmark Resident Enis AIM: alphaorionisv
Wilford Warfstache [personal profile] cottoncandypink Markiplier/Cyndago
Xephos [personal profile] spaceman_xephos Shadow of Israphel

22 May 2015 @ 04:04 pm
Welcome to the New and Improvedtm Cast List page for Milliways Bar!

Every character listed below is considered active and taken.
*RETIRED* characters are temporarily inactive and taken
-RESERVED- characters are neither active, nor taken but that an existing player has placed a hold upon them.
Please contact the Mods and/or player listed for more information regarding *RETIRED* and -RESERVED- status of any character.

Character's with an '**' are members of Bar Security.
(Ctrl+f ** to find them quickfast.)

If you're new to the game:
  • copy the contents of the text box below as-is.
  • Paste them into a new comment along with your character's information.
If you choose to play a character anonymously, be sure to indicate that in your application email as well as your Cast List submissions.

For Contact please use the best/fastest/most efficient form of player contact available. This includes, but is not limited to: AIM, Plurk, Email, or PM character journal.

If you're updating an existing entry:
  • copy the contents of the text box below as-is.
  • paste into a new comment along with the updated information.
  • add the subject heading UPDATE.

All comments are screened.

Carl Benton [personal profile] one_man_army Ali pwrofbauer [at] gmail
Jack Bauer [personal profile] trigger_man Karen S. knitwit1912 [at]
Kate Warner [personal profile] justdidntseeit Sardonicynic PM character journal
Renee Walker [personal profile] whathastobedone Gabby gabby3.14159265 [at] gmail
3:10 to Yuma
Ben Wade [personal profile] almosthonorable Sardonicynic PM character journal
Dan Evans [personal profile] lasthalfmile Ali pwrofbauer [at] gmail
William Evans [personal profile] not_his_pa Fi/Kate AIM: FionaLl8
A Certain Scientific Railgun
Misaka Mikoto [personal profile] biri_biri Gramarye gramarye1971 [at] gmail
A New York Winter's Tale
Pearly Soames [personal profile] golden_dog Write writetolive [at] gmail
A Struggle for Rome
Teja [personal profile] ostro_goth Maru AIM: sootymun
Adventures of Brisco County Jr
Brisco County, Jr. [personal profile] harvard_bounty Becky/HippieGeekGirl hippiegeekgirl427 [at] gmail
Dixie Cousins [personal profile] filemyclaim Missy PM character journal
Alex Rider
Alex Rider [personal profile] beenherebefore Joann AIM: scarvesngarters
Anansi Boys
Spider Nancy [personal profile] brotherspider DarkTrioJake AIM: DarkTrioJake
Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter
Micah Callahan [personal profile] chartreuse_eyed Sage PM character journal
Ashes To Ashes
Alex Drake [personal profile] lady_bols Flynn AIM: underwoodnofive
Atomic Robo
Dr. Dinosaur [personal profile] so_many_crystals Genarti genarti [at] gmail
Robo [personal profile] tesla_bot nocarename nocarename [at] gmail
Avatar (James Cameron)
Miles Quaritch [personal profile] notinkansas Gray AIM: grayanderson5
Asami Sato [personal profile] mix_it_up Veronica shoroko [at] sbcglobal [dot] net
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13 March 2015 @ 12:42 pm

You've reached this link because what you're looking to find, we haven't rebuilt yet.
But rest assured we're working on it.

If you're trying to App a character skip the Cast List Join step for now. We've got a work around that we'll tell you about after you submit your actual Application..

If you're here because you're curious if a character in our game is taken, please send an email with the subject heading Character Request to

milliways_apps at gmail dot com

And we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask them via email to

milliways-mods at gmail dot com

Thank you so much for your interest in our game, and most of all for your patience.

- The Mods
01 January 2015 @ 12:00 am


Your mods - or, who all is in charge around here anyway?
OOCly (or, out of character, just involving the muns (people who are the players), etc) the people in charge are your Mods. There are currently three regular mods (Cam, Steph MuJi, and Bing) with Bing being the go-to person for any and all enquiries about Bar-the-object (see below), and the physical environment of the bar and its grounds. information for all three mods is available on the bar comm info page.

ICly (or, in character, involving the actual in-game-play, etc) the current head Barman are Michaelangelo and Sallie Reynolds.

So I go to the mods with a problem?

Yes! The mods are here to help, not hurt, and they are available for anything. Plus, they just like talking to people. Mods are players too, and all.

But I have a problem with ___ who is a mod.

Talk to a different mod. That's why there are so many of us! It goes without saying that any question posed to a mod will be treated with strictest confidentiality.

So I should ask them EVERY question I have?

You can, but remember, your other players are there to help you too, and most of them are glad to do so.

Your fellow players - or, where is everyone and what the hell is crackchat?
Crackchat is the affectionate name we have for the AIM chat where you can usually find a few muns (and often more than a few) hanging out. It's a great way to meet people and make friends, as well as keep in contact during a thread. The name of the room changes from time to time, so if you want in, check the Back Room comm, under the 'where's crackchat at?' tag, or ping someone and ask for an invite.


Milliways - or, where am I and what on earth am I looking at?
Milliways is a bar at the end of the universe - in all senses of the word. The physical space of the bar is highly fluid. All that we seem to agree on is that there are tables, booths, a Bar, rafters overhead and occasionally a pool table and/or an evil karaoke machine. There's also an observation window with a pretty spectacular view (what with that whole 'end of the universe' thing), as well as doors to the Lake, the Staff Hallway, and to the kitchens.

What does the area around the Lake look like? What about the seasons? Day to day weather?

Well, it's nebulous, though there is a rather uncanny resemblence to the grounds surrounding Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. There are gardens and lawn furniture. There are stables and a paddock on one side. There is a greenhouse. There is a Whomping Willow. There is (occasionally) a firing range. There is a rather unusual labyrinth, though nobody quite seems to know where the entrance is. There an Air Temple made entirely of glass beverage bottles. There is a forest. And there are snow-capped mountains. The latter two are metaphysical mobius strips, if you will; for example, if you head into the forest on the east side of the lake, and keep walking, you will eventually emerge from the forest on the west side, back where you started. Same basic deal with the mountains. The Milliways grounds are self-contained. Seasons follow current earth seasons for the most part. It's just easiest that way, and we tend to sort-of-maybe-ish follow Scotland's weather patterns, but not precisely by any means. For instance, people rarely mention it raining, and yet things are green and nice during the spring and summer. Explanation? Magic.

How much leeway do I really have?

Loads. Some have said the lake is huge; others have said it's not that big. There are rocks here and there along its edge, as well as small beaches, but they haven't been all that closely described. If you have a worry about a description, just contact Bing, who is the Bar-mod who handles physical aspects of the bar.

The Landlord - or, why am I here and who do I send my angry letter to?
Milliways works in mysterious ways, and many people attribute things such as the appearance of doors to Milliways or random bindings to the shadowy figure of the Landlord. Does he exist? Nobody really knows. One thing's for sure - nobody's ever met or spoken to him, and nobody ever will.

Bar - or, why can this long wooden oblong hear what I am saying, and why is it a she?
Sirius Black, the first (in-game) Barman, bound himself to Bar with a spell called Servete, giving Bar a measure of sentience, and allowing her to serve drinks and food on her own. This spell has grown stronger with time and a little help from ambient free-floating magic...

What that means is that Bar and Barman communicate on a telepathic level, their personalities bleed into one another, and there's a one-way physical connection from Bar to the Barman. When you hurt her, you hurt them. The mental connection is both-ways, though. (We don't know why Bar is a she.)

Bar seems to have a personality. What can I have her do, and what do I need to ask about?

Bar generally gives people what they ask for, with certain exceptions. Broadly speaking, she won't give out things like: commonly illegal drugs; functional weapons, unless she is aware that a practice session is being arranged; things she can't possibly know about, like maps of the Lost island; living beings. If you have questions about something you need from Bar, contact Bing and ask. Characters can also leave letters or packages with Bar for another patron.

Personality-wise, Bar is fairly motherly, but capricious. She has been known to play jokes, even on her own Barman, and has a habit of fitting patrons out in costume when certain holidays roll around - but she's not given to wanton cruelty. She tends to communicate with people via little notes on napkins, and can remember birthdays and anniversaries.

The Barman - or, what kind of madman runs this crazy joint?
The head Barman manages Milliways, and, as above, is telepathically linked to Bar herself; apart from the Landlord, who may or may not exist, the Barman is the top dog at the end of the universe. The position is currently filled and shared jointly by Michaelangelo and Sallie Reynolds.

Waitrats - or, why the hell are there rats serving drinks? No, seriously, what the fuck?
It's a long story, and, like many things about Milliways, one that doesn't actually make sense - it's better to just roll with it. Don't worry, they're clean, mostly alive, and mostly friendly...provided you don't step on their tails. And those bullet holes? They're for speed.

Baby - or, what kind of name is that for a jail system anyway?
We don't know, we didn't come up with it. Baby is the sentient jail located within the Security office. She was created by a patron, Tim Hunter, so that the bar would have a place to jail patrons who violate the (IC) rules. Like Bar, she's somewhat benevolent, and dedicated to her familiar (currently Andrew Wells), and her job. While she might not look very big from the outside, no matter the number of miscreants she always has enough cells. The front wall of each cell is a clear, impenetrable glass-like substance that can only be opened by Mike, Sallie, or a Security Officer.

She can hold anyone. Jailbreaks are not possible.

Security - or, don't taze me/floor me with a ninja kick/paralyze me with magic/turn me into a small animal, bro!
The Security team is a hodge-podge of Milliways patrons employed to make sure nobody breaks the rules - in-character, that is. Members of Security that are on duty can be identified by their badges.

Jobs - or, I'm cold, and hungry, and there are wolves after me! How can I get a job as a ______ in the bar?
First, ping the muns who play the people in charge of hiring and talk to them. Then, in game, have your character ask the people who work there. Sometimes there are positions available. Sometimes there aren't. It's an IC and OOC commitment, though, to have a job. So if you really want one for your character, keep this in mind. However, if you simply want to have your character tend bar once or twice for the lulz, keep an eye on the back room comm on Mondays - there are usually a couple of available Happy Hour shifts available each week, available on a first-come basis.

Tabs - or, the best things in life are free, but how much is this here sandwich?
Some patrons of the bar choose to pay for their food/drinks/room/etc. in cash (or their equivalent commodity), while some characters prefer to put daily expenditures on a tab, which is automatically tallied up by Bar. Generally speaking, how or how often your character chooses to pay off their tab is something you should feel free to handwave - however, every blue moon or so, Milliways does call in outstanding tabs. But don't worry! This is really just an occasional excuse to shake things up and give characters a fun reason to run around panicking about money. If you don't want to actually play out your character paying off their tab, you don't have to.

(Of note: over the years, various patrons have donated funds to help with the paying of tabs. The two in effect are the Joe Manco Fund, from which money can be put towards paying the tabs of bound characters, and Phil - don't ask - which covers the tabs of those characters below the age of majority. Disbursement of monies from Phil is automatic; funds from the Joe Manco Fund, however, must be asked for by the characters themselves.)


The IC Rules - or, why am I in the cells and what is this traffic cone doing in here with me?
Milliways-the-establishment has three simple rules which patrons are 'forbidden' from breaking. These are:
No violence in the bar - self-explanatory!

No naked(/sex) in the bar - also self-explanatory!

No business in the bar - the cardinal rule, and one which does not mean what you think it means! Go right ahead and exchange goods/services for money in Milliways; nobody minds that. What 'no business' means is that Milliways is neutral ground for everyone - demons don't try to tempt and angels don't try to smite them, vampire slayers keep their stakes in their pockets, Chosen Ones and Dark Lords politely ignore each other, and so on and so forth. Unless you're on the staff here, when you're in Milliways, you're officially off-duty.

Wait a minute - which patrons are 'forbidden' from breaking? What's that supposed to mean?

What can we say? Rules are made to be broken, it's only wrong if you get caught - and as players, we all love a good brawl or a bit of public indecency to liven up the evening. If you want to have your characters break any of the rules above, you are cheerfully encouraged to do so. HOWEVER. Before your character starts throwing punches or stripping down, the one thing you must do is contact the player of a character on Security. With them, you should arrange to either have your character get caught, or agree on an explanation as to how/why they got away with it. To do otherwise would be godding Security as absent/incompetent, and that is a no-no. Remember, communication is always key.

What about outside in the grounds? Do the IC rules still apply there?

Short answer? Yes.
Slightly longer answer? Yes - the outside grounds are part of the Milliways establishment, and just as with anywhere else on the premises, if your character gets caught breaking the rules, then they'll have to face the music. But - and this is the fun bit - while the rules are technically still in place, Security rarely, if ever, patrols the outside grounds. So, you know. We're just saying.

Bound characters - or, don't you people have homes to go to?
From time to time (because we are all sadists here and find it fun to torment our characters), characters will find themselves unable to leave the bar - generally because the door out has disappeared for them, or is visible but impossible to open. This is generally referred to as being 'bound', and is 100% at your discretion.

Dead characters - or, I feel fine! I think I'll go for a walk!
Yes, dead characters can exist in the bar. And yes, they can leave the bar, though it is up to you-the-player to decide whether or not they do. There is precedent for both bound and un-bound dead characters at Milliways, so that is your choice.

However, it is important to keep a few things in mind:

When you choose a dead character, you accept the fact that they are, indeed, dead, and that there are inherent limitations in that status. Unless your character's canon dictates otherwise, dead people cannot normally go wandering about. So, should you choose to give your dead character the ability to leave Milliways and come back, there are certain questions you should ask yourself:
  • What sort of status does he/she/it have in that particular world? Will they be ghost-like (ie, non-corporeal)? Will they be visible only in the dreams of the living? Will they start out as corporeal and fade after some time (the general, unofficial consensus being somewhere between three and five days) away from the bar?

  • If you send your dead character to another universe/world and they are able to act as though they are not dead (i.e., walking around, seen by others, living relatively normal existence)... why is that? Was there something that happened at Milliways that allowed that to occur? Ask yourselves good questions about why you're doing what you're doing with your character, and your plots will be all the better.

What about babytimes? My character is dead - can he/she/it still reproduce?

The short answer is, simply, no, because your character is... well, they're dead.
The longer answer is that if your character comes from a canon in which the dead are able to reproduce, or else there is some spell/talisman/really weird herb etc. etc. from that canon that enables them to do so, then it's a possibility. But as a rule, no, the dead at Milliways cannot reproduce.

OOMs - or, what are these link-posts on [community profile] milliways_bar, and why are they labeled with Ent-speak?
OOMs (or Out Of Milliways posts) are any RP threads (scenes) that are located off the main [community profile] milliways_bar community, such as in character journals or one of the ancillary RP comms. Usually, these are threads that take place anywhere that isn't the physical environment of the (downstairs) bar and grounds. All OOMs must be linked to from the main [community profile] milliways_bar comm.

Warnings - or, what are we, the Board of Censors?
No, we most certainly are not! However, we do ask that you add a CW WARNING in the subject heading and then cut the main text whenever your post, the OOM it links to, or the comments below, include subject matter that might be disturbing to other players. This includes violence and sexual content, but also might include other subjects such as abuse, drug use, or detailed discussion of sexual assault including threat thereof.


Adoption/Deletion/Retirement of a character - or, what to do when the spark just isn't there any more
Imagine, if you will, that Milliways is a sandbox with unlimited shovels and buckets. You climb in, find a shovel and bucket to your liking, begin to build the sandcastle of your dreams, and all is right with the world.
For now.
But time passes, and maybe you begin to grow tired of your shovel, or that bucket that looked so amazeballs before just isn't all it was cracked up to be. Maybe there's another shovel/bucket combo you're itching to try out, but you've reached your limit of 10 toys and in order to try the new things you have to let the older things go.
Then again, perhaps you're just done with sand all together.

If you find yourself in this particular position you can choose from the following options:
Adoption - or Can I interest you in a shovel?
Adoption to another player is the first of the three options available to you when you no longer feel inspired to play a character on your roster. It differs from Deletion in that while you are not at the helm of the character they remain a member of the community, and from Retirement by the fact that the character remains in play.

Basically, you're giving your bucket and shovel to someone else to build with. They then have the option of continuing the castle that you started, or ignoring it completely in favor of starting a new one of their own. Which basically means they keep the username, and can either continue playing that character as you did, or they have the option of rebooting them entirely.
  1. At any time, email milliways[dot]apps[at]gmail[dot]com with:
    1. the name of the character
    2. your contact information
    3. the contact information of the new player.
    This is the responsibility of the previous player, and ensures the character is transferred properly and no longer counts against their active character limit.

  2. Make sure the new player has the password for the character's journal, etc. etc.

  3. Once in possession of the journal, the new player must email milliways[dot]apps[at]gmail[dot]com with:
    1. the name of the character
    2. their contact information
    3. a minimum of 300 - 500 words regarding their thoughts on the character and whether they're going to continue with the current trajectory, or reboot the character entirely.

  4. Finally, the new player should submit UPDATES to both the Cast List and Contact List to reflect the change of ownership.
Deletion - or I am so kicking this bucket.
Deletion is the second option for when you've lost that lovin' feeling for a character. When you Delete a character you're not just removing them from your personal roster, as you would with Adoption, but are also taking your version of that character out of play going forward.

Millicanon that involved your version of that character would still exist within the confines of the game, as well as the hearts and minds of those who played with you, but unlike with retirement the character would be available for someone else to play.

To return to the metaphor, when you delete a character you're taking that bucket and shovel out of the sandbox, but are not destroying the previous sculptures and castles it helped to create. Instead you're leaving them out for someone else to pick up piecemeal and go.

To Delete a character:
  1. At any time, email milliways[dot]apps[at]gmail[dot]com with the name of the character you wish to delete.

  2. Delete that character from all Milli-related communities.

  3. UPDATE the Cast List and Contact List accordingly.

  4. That's pretty much it.

Retirement - Noooes! You cannot has my bucket!
Sometimes we don't just build a castle, but a grand and intricate landscape. Something so vast and beautiful that when we're finished all we want to do is stand back and marvel at the wonder we've brought forth into the world. And while we're done with that particular bucket, we'd like to keep what it helped to build preserved for posterity for just a little while longer.
Retirement is the way in which we do that.

Much like Adoption and Deletion when you retire a character you cease to be able to play as that character, and it no longer counts towards your total character limit. However Retirement differs from both Adoption and Deletion in that a Retired character is an inactive part of the community which cannot be applied-for or played-by anyone else for a fixed period of time.

Players in good standing can request Retirement for characters they believe have made both a substantial difference to the game as a whole, as well as created significant ties with other characters such that replacement by a rebooted version would negatively impact the playability of said characters by their respective players.

Retirement lasts 1 Year, from 12:00 am September 1st, until 11:59 pm August 31st EDT, and must be renewed annually via email to remain valid.
During that year players of retired characters should be prepared for the possibility that from time to time they may have to field inquiries from other players as to whether they would consider giving the character up.
If allowed to expire, Retirements will be considered Deletions.

To Retire a Character/Renew an existing Retirement:
  1. At any time, email milliways[dot]apps[at]gmail[dot]com with
    1. the name of the character you wish to retire
    2. their username
    3. your contact information
    4. a brief (100+ word) essay per character as to why you're seeking Retirement.
  2. If approved the player must then submit UPDATES the Cast List and Contact List accordingly.

Okay, that's fair enough - but which one should I choose for my character?

That's one of those kinds of questions that you can only really answer for yourself. Take a good long look at your character, at what you've built with them, and the relationships they've made. See which of the above options works best for you. If you still can't decide reach out to your fellow canon-mates and players for input. If you still can't decide...ask Bing.
Though I feel I have to warn you, she always says, "Delete."

Reserving a character - or, a pup in the hand is worth two in the bush. Or something.
If there is a character which, for whatever reason, it would be highly disruptive to your plot/character arc/etc. to have appear in the bar, or which you would prefer that a prospective player contact you before applying, you may apply to have them listed as '-RESERVE-' on the cast list.

To reserve a character, simply email milliways[dot]apps[at]gmail[dot]com at any time listing a) the character's full name and canon, and b) your contact information, and c) why you want to list said character as reserved. As with Retirement, if you choose to Reserve a character, you should be prepared for occasional player inquiries about whether you'd be willing to let the character go.

We do not allow reservations simply for the purpose of holding a character until you yourself can app them.


Canon-puncturing - or, what do you mean, you know all about me?
Canon-puncturing is perhaps best explained using an example:
Nymphadora Tonks: *sits at the bar, chatting with a new character*
New character (who is from USA, 2005, so could conceivably have read the Harry Potter books): So! You're fictional! What's that like?
Tonks: Uh. *blank stare* Fictional?

Canon-puncturing is one character telling another that the world from which they came is fictional - which, since all the characters from Milliways are from works of fiction, might soon get very confusing. And while there are quite a few characters in Milliways whose canons have been punctured, it can only be done when the following conditions are met:
  • If, for example, Buffy is planning to canon-puncture Harry Potter, then Buffy-mun needs to contact every other person who plays a Harry Potter character, and every other person who plays a character from Buffy canon, and get permission to canon-puncture Harry. This way, everyone is on the same page regarding which canons exist as fictional works in a given 'verse.

  • And, of course, you must never canon-puncture a character without that player's permission. It is a fairly heady mental burden to place on a character, and not every player wishes to be burdened with it.

Godmodding - or, I cast magic missile!
'Godmodding,' also referred to as simply 'godding,' is when one player controls the actions of a character not their own, via the comments of their own character. Godmodding is forbidden simply because, if you do not know the player or the character well, it is rude to direct their actions without that player's permission, and can often result in an abuse of that character. For example, if Sylar were to slip poison into Peter Petrelli's drink without Sylar's player contacting Peter's player, Peter's player would be forced to deal with the consequences of a poisoned character whether they wanted that or not. Godmodding can ruin pre-existing plots, and is basically just not very polite.

It should be noted, however, that certain kinds of consensual godding do exist. For example, the mun of Wash from Firefly might have godding rights to Wash's wife Zoe, so that, if asked, Wash can tell other characters where Zoe is and what she is up to, because it would be in-character for Wash to know, even though Zoe-mun might not be available to say. This sort of relationship generally exists between players who trust one another implicitly, and whose characters are tightly interconnected in-game.


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